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Tribal Lenders Guaranteed Approval Remortgage Loans - Caution, Banks Want Your Hide

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10-Aug-2019 01:06 PM

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You bought your property before you got married. Now you want to remortgage. You and your spouse want the both of you to be on the remortgagefind tribal lenders loans guaranteed approval this day, as an act of love and trust. You have enough income to qualify all by yourself. Besides, both of you have good credit, so it won't hurt. The bank says it's okay. You've asked mortgage brokers, your solicitor, and your neighbor from across the street, they all said it's okay, so you're ready to do it.


Guess what? The Bank, even if their rep. sighed How cute, the Bank doesn't care about your showing love and trust. The Bank is thinking-- (yes, Banks think) -- the Bank is about what's good for the bank, which is reducing risk and making more money at your expense.

Here are the consequences of what you are proposing to do. In this case, what's good for you is not good for the Bank and vice versa.

Consequence #1. You and your spouse are going to feel closer. For a while.

Consequence #2. Both you and your spouse are now responsible for paying that home loan.

Consequence #3. This one follows directly from Consequence #2. The Bank now has 2 bodies to go after, should things go really badly for you and your spouse. And it will.

Consequence #4. If things go well forever (or till the loan is remortgage again or paid off), both your and your spouse's credit standing and yours benefit.

Consequence #5. If things go badly for the two of you and you no longer can afford your home and cannot sell it, both your and your spouse's credit take a hit.

If you had not both signed for the loan, at least one of you would still have good credit. Why is that important? It's easier to buy another home at a good interest rate, you pay less for insurance, employers don't turn you down if they credit check is part of the background checking they do, etc., etc.

All of the above consequences can be summarized as follows: you lose, the Bank wins. So if adding your spouse on the remortgageobtain loans guaranteed approval tribal lenders from hummingbird company doesn't significantly improve the interest rate (and so significantly reduce the mortgage payments), don't have your spouse sign thelearn about tribal lenders guaranteed approval loans with hummingbird company papers. Never. Ever. It's forbidden by your self-interest.



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